Tuesday, 9 June 2009

UAF are Nazi Scum

The UAF(uneducated and fuckwits) disrupted a press conference by Nick Griffin of the BNP outside parliament.The far left group managed to russle up a few soap dodging dole scroungers to shout something inane like "nazi scum off our streets".They like to keep their slogans nice and short so the halfwits can remember them.

Regardless of what you think of the BNP and Nick Griffin he has been voted as an MEP .The real Nazis were the UAF and their labour/unite backers.These people regard freedom of speech as something that they own.They are allowed to say what they want but anyone who disagrees with them are labelled Nazis or Nasty racists.

Just remember that Nazi stands for National Socialist with the emphasis on Socialist.The UAF and their socialist paymasters are the enemy of free speech and an enemy of the people of this country.

Nazi scum doesnt begin to describe the UAF.

I think we can expect more attacks on peoples free speech in the remaining months of this corrupt socialist regime.It will be interesting to see whether Mc Doom or the New Home Secretary postman pat will have the guts to stand up and condemn the UAF as enemies of democracy(whatever that means these days) and enemies of free speech(a couple of flying pigs just went past my window).


Anonymous said...

And the quicker the public see them for the scum that they are, the better!

Captain Swing said...

I think that because it was shown on TV a lot more people will wake up to what is going on.
You dont have to be a BNP supporter to realise that using mob rule to supress free speech is wrong under any circumstances.

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