Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ulster 100 Romania 0

More than 100 Romanians have been forced out of their homes in Belfast .
Around 20 families were helped by police in the Lisburn Road area of the city and taken to a nearby church hall. They have since moved to a leisure centre that has been set up as a temporary shelter.

Now who in their right mind decided that 100 Romanian pikeys should be dumped on the poor people of Ulster.I have a lot of sympathy for the people of Ulster who have cunts like Gerry Adams representing them and an unsympathetic Darien Government in Westminster shafting them at every opportunity.
With the "troubles" Ulster has managed to avoid the multicultural hell hole syndrome that has infested many mainland cities.The area is still a powderkeg waiting to go off at any time.
Some twat somewhere thought it a good idea to add a 100 pikeys into the mix.Like using napalm to light a barbecue it was always going to end in tears and so it has.I note the BBC is wetting itself over this story without any background info.

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