Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Who is going today?

They are all leaving the sinking ship nu labour .Who will be going today.One thing is for sure it wont be Mc Doom.When the election results come in surely Snotty will realise the game is up and its time to just go back to Scotchland and do something useful like die.He can take all the other cunts in his government of fuckwits and they can do likewise.

To continue the Naval metaphor-the cursed ship nu labour is dead in the water and taking on water.Captain Mc Snotty has taken to his cabin with first officer balls up and roger the cabin boy insisting that all is well .Everyone else knows its finished and are getting off before it sinks below the waves.Everyone on board can now see the folly of ramming SS new labour into HMS England as part of Mc Snotties plan to destroy it.The good people of this country have seen whats happening and are gathering on the shore to watch the ship go down.Any survivors will be put before the Court of Public Opinion.

All we need now is for someone to send a couple of torpedoes into the hull and they will be gone for good.Who will that be ? Perhaps the Queen,perhaps David Cameron,perhaps the BNP who knows.

Things are getting interesting.


Earthlet Nigel said...

Be nice to read that the Gorgon was found at the bottom of Beachy Head, if he is just leave him there for the gulls, but I doubt even they could stomach him.

Captain Swing said...

Cant keep up with em all leaving like the rats they are.

Gordon thinks he has been clever by
getting Sir Alan Sugar on board but
he has stated on telly that he wants to be apolitical and isnt even sure he will take up the peerage.That will piss on Gordons parade somewhat.

But the worst thing is he is also bringing in the old kinnock hag back via the EU and the Lords.Mc Doom is shitting in the face of democracy and he must be got rid of by any means necessary.

Earthlet Nigel...
Seagulls will eat any old shit but I think even they would turn their nose up at the living dead zombie
that is snotty brown.

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