Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Know your enemy

Study this picture-look at this man for he is now an enemy of bloggers worldwide.

This is the man that ruled in favour of motorsport boss Max Mosley in his legal action against the News of the World. He has been accused of bringing in a privacy law by the back door.

Although keen to defend the privacy of a perverted old nazi this enthusiasm doesnt extend to the Police blogger called nightjack.For reasons best known to themselves the Times decided to out this particular blogger by publishing his name and private details like his address and telephone number.Nightjack went to court to prevent his personal details being published which was heard by the self same person Mr No Justice Eady.Obviously nightjack didnt have the right contacts or didnt go to the right school because Eady decided that he would not issue an injuction to prevent the information on Nightjack being published.

Fucking unbelievable.In my opinion this twat isnt fit to judge a vegetable that looks like a penis competition.

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