Saturday, 2 May 2009

The sun is shining in the sky......

We have a one eyed Scottish cunt as PM with his cabinet of no talent.

Our economy has been raped to the point of no return.

Our freedoms are being eliminated one by one to the point that it gets more like cold war East Germany day by day.

Our emails/internet use/telephone calls are monitored.

All our road movements are monitored.

The mussies want to turn us into a sharia dominated country.

We are in debt for generations because Gordon the cunt has pissed it all up the wall and is still spending.

We have pig flu,bird flu,mexican flu etc etc.

The Police are more interested in killing innocent people than doing their job.

Teachers are shit and intent on turning our children into Labour drones.

But remember the sun is shining today and this time next year we will be rid of this accursed Government for good(if they last that long).

In years to come this period will be remembered as this countries darkest hour(sorry Winston).Looking on the bright side most people in this country now know what some people have said for years-socialists are cunts and Gordon Brown is the biggest cunt of the lot.

So enjoy the tax free spring sunshine over the Bank Holiday and remember what socialism has done for /to you and your family.When it comes time to vote,do it with pride and then you can say to your children that you kicked the Socialist Labour party and especially Gordon Mc Doom in the nuts when they were down and begging for mercy.Show them NO mercy just vote for anyone other than Liebore.Fuck em all .

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Earthlet Nigel said...

Even if using the superlative and naming the Gorgon the Biggest √úbercunt of all Time, the epithet is still woefully inadequate.

In the history to come he will stand alongside the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin. And history will certainly not be kind to him, for unlike Churchill, he is unable to write it

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