Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Free Speech but not as we know it.

Someone who I allow to post on this blog also likes to comment on some of the Crowborough stories posted on the Couriers web site under the tag dmh.
Credit where credits due the Courier posts most of his comments although I am aware that they did remove a couple of comments when he referred to a disgusting act used by some men of the Muslim faith for sexual gratification.

Dmh likes to post his opinion on a number of local issues and I applaud him for that.The local councils like to treat the paper as their own and get them to publish rubbish articles that show them in what they perceive as a good light.Most of what is printed is of course a load of bollocks.
Take for example the story about local primary school children who started a campaign against parents taking their children(them) to school by car and having the bare faced cheek to park outside the school for 10 seconds while their child exits the car and goes into school.I share dmh opinion that it is an insult to the readers to even suggest that 5 year olds would come up with a campaign that results in them walking to school rather than being transported in a nice safe and warm car.Surely its no coincidence that the local noddy Copper just so happened to have a big poster that could be put outside the school at a moments notice to basically say dont park here because the lazy fat arsed teaching staff want to.Another bollocks story about the same school stated how good it was that the kids were force fed healthy vegetarian crap before their sats and how it helped their brain power.Again a total total bollock story that is only published because the local health gestapo head went on the same Common Purpose training event as the twat that wrote the story.
Dmh quite rightly pointed out that this was all rubbish(politely) because you dont know how they were going to perform in their sats if they ate bacon and eggs.They also dont know what proper food the kids had before going to school making the supposition that tasteless food somehow equals greater brainpower meaningless.
I should point out that I agree that a good breakfast is important but I am with dmh because I classify a good breakfast as involving bacon and eggs.Muesli or Crappy french breakfasts are more likely to cause kids to vomit the contents of their guts all over the exam paper rather than helping them do well in your SATs(which lets be honest are crap in themselves).
What I have noticed is that there seems to be certain people who post replies to dmh posts that seem to indicate that local authority employees are professionally rebutting dmhs posts.
Repeated claims about dmh having negative views(all he originally stated was the healthy food sounded disgusting) and similar derogatory comments about him.All the rebut posts are very similarly written but the give away was several weeks ago when there was a lively discussion on the the value of youth workers.Several rebuttal comments were made saying what brilliant people youth workers were and how qualified they had to be( I believe up to NVQ level ! bullshitting sometimes).Anyonee singing the praise of youth workers must be a local authority numpty or clinically insane (or both).My point is that it would appear that somewhere within the murky depths of the council/police/fake charity sector alliance it is being encouraged to stifle any non "on message" debate by labelling people negative and a victor medrew.
I happen to know that this doesnt bother dmh one bit and he sees it as his duty to exercise free speech and speak up for himself how he sees fit(some of his put downs are brilliant).
What I find disturbing is that the state in the guise of local citizens sees its job to rebut any comments that do not match its own lunatic PC thinking.

I am posting an excerpt below on what I mean -its from some marxist lesbian thinking shit with the tag AA (no offence love).
dmh seems to have nothing but negative comments to make about anything remotely positive that is happening in Crowborough schools. WELL DONE HERNE, with the fantastic help again of Waitrose, for yet another brilliant SATS week Breakfast Club which encourages healthy eating for active brains; well done also to Whitehill Infants for tackling the parking issues which do not only dominate the areas outside schools, but throughout the town.
AA, Crowborough
Original post.

It sounds disgusting.What about a good old "fry up".Give em something to keep them going all morning not poncey bagels and croissants that taste like cardboard.
dmh, Crowborough

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