Saturday, 9 May 2009

Police farce.

Not content with killing members of the public at demonstrations the Police have taken to eliminating innocent people at random now.An unmarked Met Police car collided and killed a young mother near Tunbridge Wells.No doubt the Police driver was driving like a cunt and this poor woman has lost her life.The laws of the road dont seem to apply to the rossers-they can drive like idiots whilst talking on their mobile phones with inpunity.Its because they are specially trained we are told.
Last week a Police officer was jailed for killing someone whilst driving at over 90 in a 30 mph limit.So much for training.Any half wit would know that driving at those speeds in a built up area is insane.

The Sussex Police have an equally appalling record regarding firearms.Their firearms training seems to consist of a couple of hours of GTA on the playstation.They havnt quite grasped the bit about only firing as a last resort.

The Sussex keystone cops firearms team shot dead a pensioner after an altercation with a social worker. Perhaps they should have just shot the Social Worker and done us all a favour.

People who are mentally unstable are unable to get a firearms licence but the Sussex Police allow any PC twat to carry a gun within their own ranks.The Police offer advice to firearms owners about gun safety which is a bit of a laugh to say the least.


Tues 12/5/2009 news.

A man died on Tuesday after being shot by armed police during a siege at a house in County Durham.

The IPCC are investigating .Dont get the impression that the ipcc is independent .The head is a new liebore placeman appointed by fat Jackboot Smiff with a background in PC issues(politically correct not police constable). Their job is to apply whitewash not to investigate these deaths in a fair and independent manner.

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