Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Tom Riall, a chief executive of Serco, was caught by a police patrol car in Newmarket, Suffolk.
He was clocked at 102.92mph in a blue Volvo on the eastbound section of the A14 just before 1pm on January 4.
Magistrates in Sudbury have banned the 49-year-old of Ufton Nervet, near Reading, from driving for six months.
He has also had six points added to his licence.
Outside court, Riall said: "I accept the decision of the court. I recognise that speeding is not acceptable.
"I very much regret what happened and I have made a full apology to the court."
A spokesman for Serco Civil Government division said he did not wish to add to Riall's

Fucking bastard-it serves him right.Live by the sword-die by the sword.

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