Friday, 22 May 2009

Ve have veys of making you obey.

Everywhere you go these days we have power crazed minions in the pay of local and national government telling us what we can and cant do.Dont eat this ,dont drink that,dont play with
napalm etc etc. Things get 10 times worse when you have kids -there is a never ending stream of lesbian busybodies telling you how you should bring up your own offspring.
Kids come home from school with letters telling us what we should eat,what we should think and more than often how we can help Al Gore with his aim of making a mint from an inert gas.

Today there was a note offering "a short course packed with common -sense help on enjoying and raising your children".For generations children have been brought up perfectly well without the intervention of some ugly old lesser telling their parents that they should all value diversity and not have any thoughts that are not approved by the local thought police.

Needless to say all this shite goes in the landfill waste bin (stick that up your arse Al) where it belongs.

One school locally has started a breakfast club so that the lucky children can get a healthy breakfast every morning.Well excuse me but what fucking business is it of the local gestapo education branch of what your child decides to have for breakfast. Their idea of a breakfast is muesli -i can see that going down well with most kids.What would you like for breakfast today -would you like a lovely bacon sarnie made from locally produced bacon and locally produced bread or would you like the sweeping from the local joiners workshop floor.The cunts that come up with these ideas are trying to turn all our kids into vegetarian wimps.Just because they like to look like death warmed up and "survive " on lentils doesnt mean that its right for my kids.They like meat ,I like meat so whats wrong with that.

All children spend more time at home than at school and its the schools only job to educate them.
It isnt to tell them about so called global climate change bollocks,it isnt to turn them into little
hitlers(getting your kids to tell the school if you speed whilst driving),it isnt even to teach them about other cultures or lifestyles.

The sooner they just concentrate on teaching the kids the basics and let the parents decide on the best way to teach them about the world in general the better we will all be.
Of course all the time we have teachers with marxist mindsets and values that change will never happen.
Make no mistake the parents position is constantly undermined by fucking useless left wing fuckwits who think they know better even though they havnt got kids of their own.Sadly that definition also includes many teachers who dont have the guts to stand up against the political correct indoctrination of our young people.They can all just fuck off as far as I am concerned.

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