Saturday, 16 March 2013

Drones over Crowborough?

The other night I heard a strange sounding aircraft flying around the skies of Crowborough.It was well after dark (probably about 10.30pm) and I noticed the sound of a single engined prop aircraft
flying quite low .The sound of a propeller plane is quite unusual after dark anyway but this aircraft seemed to be flying in large circles because it would fade and then come back again repeatedly and the engine had an unusual low tone from any light aircraft I had heard before.
From experience I could tell it was  a single engine aircraft but it was definitely not a helicopter as it was the wrong sound.

Looking out the window I could see nothing in the sky even though I listened to this sound for 5 -10 minutes before it finally faded into the distance and disappeared.

Doing a bit of research I managed to find a single engined aircraft that sounded just like the aircraft I heard circling over Crowborough .Listen to it here in the first 20 seconds of this YouTube clip.

Before you click the above link I will tell you what the aircraft was that made this strange noise over Crowborough in the night .The aircraft in question is an unmanned predator drone .

Why one would be circling Crowborough I dont have a clue but the fact that it was is deeply disturbing.

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Anonymous said...

It was looking for intelligent life. It didn't find any and left.

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