Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sompriti forest walks in the English countryside not available to English people.

Racism at its worst rears its ugly head in Wealden and specifically the Ashdown Forest.New walks have been arranged on the Ashdown Forest by the left wing subversive social engineering organisation known as Sompriti with the support of Wealden Council.

The walks are only available to Efnic Minorities in order to show them what the countryside used to look like before the socialist/communists got their grubby hands on it.If you are white or even worse (in their eyes) English you are not allowed to be part of these taxpayer funded walks.

As always is the case the worst racists are the anti rascists.

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foxx said...

Ethnic '

Captain Swing said...

I am aware of that thanks.
In rural Sussex they are called efnics.

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