Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crowborough Community Centre update .

Cllr Larkin the spokesperson for  CCA2010 seems to be  keeping a low profile recently probably because the largely unelected town council has voted to give his pet project  £30,000 to pay for the shortfall on the wages bill plus an additional £13200 of taxpayers money to cover a shortfall in retention(whatever that is).
The undemocratic council voted on it and those that voted for additional taxpayers money includes unelected Cowie,Quentin and our unlawful mayor Cooke who by coincidence are also members of CCA2010.They did all declare an interest but were then allowed to vote for extra money for the very organisation they are part of (how can that be just).
Oh and to complete the dodgy dealings -the old Park Road site was transferred from CCA2010 to the Town Council on the 25/2/13 (without debate) even though there is no proof CCA2010 actually owned it in the first place. Now the town council supposedly owns the property its going to cost £3000 of taxpayers money to fence it off and another £25000 of taxpayers money to clear the site.
The conmunity centre has turned into one huge financial blackhole for the  town and its taxpayers with the unelected council handing over huge sums of our money to their associate members of CCA2010 some of which are on both bodies.
This state of affairs was predicted by many including myself when the Conmunity Centre was being planned.We are now in a position whereby we the taxpayers are into this project for £3.5 million but even that insane figure is not enough to cover the initial cost and ongoing running costs.Now we have the liability of an owning  the Park Road site with the associated ongoing costs of that loaded onto the taxpayer.Given that Park Road isnt part of the local plan I can foresee the Old Centre being another drain on public funds.
Normally socialists  run out of other peoples money to spend-sadly there is still some money to be extracted from the poor old Crowborough tax payers before the well dries up completely .
The community centre should be cut off from any more public money and be forced to start paying back the money owed to the town and its residents.If they are unable to make reasonable payments on the loan then the loan facility should be cancelled and action taken to recover the whole debt as soon as possible.The CCA2010 handing over the park road site is akin to someone not being able to pay their mortgage payments but instead offering their lender a worthless rusty old Ford Cortina in lieu of payment.

Not only are we living in a democracy free zone in the town we are living under a clearly corrupt system that can only be described as tyrannical.

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