Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kent Police Skoda GN07 LLM speeding and driving like a dick.

The Police are total hypocrites are they not.

I was in a vehicle following a marked Kent Police Skoda GN07 LLM yesterday up Quarry Hill in Tonbridge. By our satnav we were travelling at least 42 in a 40mph limit and he was pulling away from us clearly over the posted limit and territory for a FPN and 3 points.
He drove all the way to Southborough where he turned into the car park of the closed Lloyds Bank without indicating causing the car immediately behind him to brake sharply.

Before anyone says -oh the Police can ignore the speed limits if on a call I should perhaps point out that the car although fully marked didnt have a light bar on top and seemed to be like the ones the plastic plod PCSOs drive around in.

I have tweeted Kent Police-lets see how keen they are on tackling speeding and careless driving in their own ranks.

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