Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cllr Quentin Burch-Shooting fish in a barrel.

Quentin (The Fish) Burch

It really is getting too easy-the non entities that masquerade as our representatives on the unelected town council have given up any pretence of  covering their dirty fingerprints from their dodgy dealings.

Quentin Burch is a co opted council member on Crowborough Town Council so therefore has not been voted in by anyone-preferring instead to get in by the nod and the wink method preferred by the election dodgers and their undemocratic friends on the Crowborough Partnershit.

An insider was telling me about the last sham that passes as a full council meeting these days when even more money was being poured down the black hole marked Crowborough Community Centre.Said insider commented that some Councillors declared an interest as being members of the Conmunity Centre Ass ociation  but were still allowed to take part in the vote to give themselves in effect more taxpayers money.One of those that declared an interest as being part of Crowborough Community Centre was Quentin (the fish) Burch.This was news to me because I wasnt aware that Quentin Burch was a member of CCA2010 but given that he declared that he was he must be.
I thought I would just check out Quentins (no sniggering at the back) on the councils members register of interests to confirm that he is actually a member.
Imagine my shock or should I say glee when I checked his entry on the register of interest only to find out that he hasnt declared his membership of this organisation that gets most of its funding from the Town Council/Taxpayer.

There are 2 possible scenarios here.

1) Quentin Burch is stupid and declared an interest at the beginning of a meeting to say he was a member of an organisation that he actually wasnt.

2)Quentin Burch is stupid by declaring an interest in a meeting when he hasnt registered that same interest on his members interest form.

So Quentin(the fish) Burch  co opted election dodger in the first degree (points finger)

As I said -like shooting fish in a barrel.


Anonymous said...

That's complete nonsense ! You have facts out dated and completely wrong ! You have everything back to front and I think just looking for a problem where there is none . Your comments are hilarious ! And wrong !

Captain Swing said...

Come on Quentin tell us where I got it wrong.
While you are at it tell us all how many people voted for you to represent us .I can help you with that one none, zero not one.
Thanks for your comment though.

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