Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dodgy goings on at the Council again.



In addition to Peter Cowie we are able to publish two other individuals that have commited crimes against democracy and transparency.
Both of these individuals like Peter Cowie are also deluded in thinking they are councillors despite the fact that not one person has voted for them.
We now have the complete gang of Cowie,Moss and  Timms or dumb ,dumber and even dumber acting well beyond their remit and way beyond what is right and proper by holding secret unminuted meetings with property developers .
It appears that Neil Waller raised this at the last council meeting but Cowie,Moss and Timms refused to respond and instead trotting out some load of old crap about nothing relevant at all in reply.
So we have councillors secretly meeting with companies who want to build houses over vast swathes of the town despite the slight problem of the housing market flat lining locally and nationally.The  fact that these meetings are occurring in private and unminuted would indicate that these three are up to no good and are at the very least bringing the council into disrepute which is no easy task .Developers cosying up to councillors in secret is something you might see in a corrupt banana republic but to the residents of this town it will be seen as unacceptable and those involved should resign or face the consequences.

Thanks to anon  for the info .

Update-Timms has resigned as vice chairman of the planning committee but not as a councillor.

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