Saturday, 3 September 2011

Andrew Steen - Co Optee profile

Camera shy co optee Andrew Steen seems reluctant to share with us  his politics and why he thinks he is suitable to represent residents in the East Ward.Since being handed the position on a plate without the hassle of being voted by anyone we have heard nothing from him other than he really wants to get in on the action as vice chairman of the planning committee including no doubt secret meetings with property developers.
Looking into his past we should all be very afraid because he worked in planning at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and we can all see the disaster that the town planning in the town has produced.
If ever there was a person who shouldnt be let anywhere near town planning issues then Andrew Steen is that person.People like this get to these positions by who they know rather than what they know and I am sure he is pally with someone on the council which oiled the cogs of co option.
In summary then we have someone who we know nothing about other than he likes to ruin town centres second in charge of planning on the council.As for his politics he could be a member of the Communist Party for all we know and has been inserted into the town council to undermine the town and its institutions.Even worse and much more plausable is that he is a common purpose graduate inserted into the council by persons unknown to undermine the town administration such as it is.
All we do know is that this person is unelected and represents no one other than himself in a council riddled with non elected non entities.
I call on him to resign and seek re-election through a  fair and open ballot of the Crowborough East Ward voters.Until he has the mandate of the people he purports to represent he will remain an undemocratic usurper with no more power or influence than anyone else in the town.

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Anonymous said...

After the spectacular failure of Crowborough Beacon Golf Club's application to develop a private car park on Crowborough Common, will the club's members be refusing to pay Councillor Andrew Steen's fees?

Wealden planners have now revealed that the club's planning consultant, Andrew Steen of White and Sons, Oxted, failed to approach the council for pre-application discussions. Doing this is very clearly advocated in the government's National Planning Policy Framework. It is also standard practice for planning professionals...

It is certain that if Councillor Steen had done this, he would have been told by council officials that the club's plans stood no chance of approval. This ill-judged application to develop the most protected site in Crowborough has wasted the hard earned cash of club members and, far more importantly, a considerable amount of taxpayers money

Meanwhile, the long-running question of why Andrew Steen, Planning Consultant, remains an unelected Councillor on Crowborough Town Council, still hangs in the air...

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