Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The future is not orange its black.

The new visioning document is out and you can read it here.

If you cant be bothered to read it the highlights or lowlights are as follows.

Shared space bollocks going ahead despite protests from everyone.

The town is going to be destroyed by even more unsuitable housing projects which the council and their developer friends are going to push through.They obviously havnt noticed that the new Government has stated that councils can ignore centrally imposed housing targets.

More money wasted on entertaining the poor little shits of the town whose only aim seems to be to destroy anything they come into contact with.Apparently they dont have anything to do in the town (apart from Scouts,Church groups,cadets etc etc etc)

More money for clued up-the mayors favourite non charity charity which she just so happens to be a trustee.This is deemed a priority because in their opinion children need to be given advice on how to take drugs,smoke and have underage sex whilst undermining their parents.Standard communist tactic of undermining families and parental control.

More empty buses driving around the place because according to the council-public transport is good but private transport is bad.How many councillors use public transport I wonder?

Crowborough to be "rebranded" by some twatty marketing company as "top of the Weald".I am putting bets on the company that gets the contract will have something to do with Mr D(stupid glasses) Mc Alonan the non elected councillor who seems to be making a habit of not attending council meetings because he is too busy thinking up shit advertising slogans for shit products.

So there you have it the town is going to be destroyed but at least we will have lots of empty shiny buses sharing the pavements with the public(can no one on the council see the madness of this).Georgy Porgey Moss who thought this crap up has overlooked the fact that no-one goes to the high street any longer because there are no shops of note left.People travel up to the supermakets to get their provisions and I have yet to see a bus service that will take you to Morrisons(other supermarkets are available)wait for you,help you load your weekly shop on board and then take you home and help you unload your shopping bags.No I cant see that happening either.Some people could walk and I suggest that perhaps Georgy Porgey
and his porcine cohorts on the council should set us an example by walking 5 miles a day.The upside of this would mean that they would be 35 miles away from Crowborough by the end of the week and less likely to come up with this socialist nanny state statist bullshit.

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