Monday, 31 May 2010

Mayor of Crowborough decides she wants another year so votes herself in.

Been busy and missed the fact that the Mayor was relected on her own casting vote.
(Thanks Anon).

Mrs Moss has now got the opportunity to allocate more funds to her favourite charity (Clued Up) which by strange coincidence she is a trustee of.
Corruption and conflict of interest-its what they do best.

Its a shame that her husband George wasnt given a go because it must be his turn and at least it would keep him away from the bollocky carbon neutral crap he keeps harping on about.

If we are in any doubt that the council seems to be more communist dictatorship than democratic representation then check out the 5 year plan on the Town Council Website and spread the good news that tractor production is at an all time high (Hail the great leader).

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Captain Swing said...

Sorry if I didnt make this clear but Kay Moss got a vote as a councilor and then got a casting vote (for herself)as mayor.
Not dodgy at all.

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