Thursday, 10 June 2010

East Sussex COPES.

Children and parents in the area are being offered a transitional workshop from an organisation called COPES to help with children with their transition from primary to secondary school.

Not knowing anything about COPES I decided to do a bit of checking to see exactly who these people are that think they know how to bring our children up better than the parents.

I fully expected to find out that COPES was just another black ops local authority department whose job it is to undermine parents and let the little shits get on and do pretty much anything they like.I also fully exopected it to be run by a load of
3rd rate bitter,man hating ,dried up old lessers who have no prospect of ever producing children let alone bringing them up.

Having done my research I found out that all my expectations were exceeded.

COPES stands for communuity outreach and parents extended support service(why isnt it called COAPESS then) which gives you a hint of the total bollocks these people come up with.

They come up with strategies(bollocks) and ideas(bollocks) to help your child cope with going to secondary school and luckily for us they work according to " every child matters".Although they are funded and run by East Sussex Cunty Council they try to convince everyone they are just a bunch of friendly independent laydees who like to help families .The facts are that they are just a bunch of hectoring lessers who smoked too much dope at poly and are totally out of touch with reality.

As for "every child matters" its a nice little slogan but what it actually means is that every immigrant or chav child matters .If your child doesnt come from a (we value diversity ) immigrant or chav background they are considered not to be worthy of any help whatsoever.

If you dig a bit further you will also find out that COPES is part of AIRS (action in rural sussex) which is yet another local governemnt "independent" organisation
committed to indoctrinating us all about social inclusion bollocks,global warming bollocks and we value diversity apart from if your English bollocks.

If you have any sense at all dont let these interfering communist dope addled hippies who like to holiday on a certain Greek Island anywhere near your family or your children.Given access to your children and family they will fuck up your minds in ways you can only imagine in your wildest nightmares.Once their claws are in they will never let go until your family has been ripped apart and destroyed.

The picture above shows the winner of the COPES most attractive lesser outreach worker award 2010 working hard doing what she does best.

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