Friday, 14 May 2010

Say goodbye to parasitic public sector workers .

Well its all over and Gordon Brown has pissed off back to Scotchland in a huge sulk.

ID cards have been scrapped and it looks like the war on motorists has been called off.

Its a good start in the first few days of the new government but what changes will the fall of socialism in England have on local government.Probably initially nothing as all the pseudo marxists in local councils remain in post.Over the next few months however we can all look forward to all those lefty twats in councils like East Sussex County Council and Wealden Council feeling the chill wind of reality on their backs.Cuts are coming and they are ,at last, going to inflict great pain on the unproductive public sector.

I am sure we can all manage quite well without all the people with titles that start with outreach / diversity / climate change/traveller or any other crappy bollocks.If I had my way I would line them all against the wall and shoot them but seeing them line up outside the local Jobcentre will still be a great result.

Old joke

Q What do you say to a transgender traveller diversity outreach co ordinator with 13 years experience?

A Big Mac and large fries please.


Anonymous said...

wot no story yet about our mayor being re-elected on her own casting vote. Shame on you

Captain Swing said...

OOps that slipped under the radar -will try harder in future.

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