Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lorna Blackmore -Typical Labour Candidate

Lorna Blackmore is the Labour candidate for Wealden.Thankfully she stands about as much chance of being voted in as Brendan Clegg (her agent) did last time round.
Her election leaflet has just dropped through the door and I was amazed at the lies that are contained in this leaflet.
On the inside cover is Blackmore standing next to a half built hospital with the title "Labours stunning new £300 million hospital for Wealden residents" which is such a crock of shit on so many levels it makes my blood boil.

Firstly Labour is a Crap political party and does NOT build hospitals.

Secondly the new hospital Blackmore is standing next to costs 217 million pounds but hey whats 83 million pounds these days especially when it comes from the magic quantative easing fairy bank.

Thirdly and probably most important the new hospital isnt even in the Wealden area its actually in Pembury West Kent.When built it will replace the Kent and Snuffit in Tunbridge Wells and will serve West Kent and a tiny section of North East Wealden area.

To say that its a new hospital for Wealden residents is wrong and to suggest that labour coughed up the money out their own coffers to pay for it can only be described as a cynical lie .

Lies just keep on coming though with Blackmore proclaiming local schools have been transformed by labours investment programme(lie) but the best and biggest is that crime in Wealden has fallen by more than a third(lie) because of community support officers(lie).

This woman is either on the same pills as Gordon the Moron or she is just a lying in the hope the residents of Wealden will be so thick they will vote for her.
Well I have news for Ms Blackmore-even the most retarded retard would not fall for this crock of shit in a million years.Labour -cynical lies and dishonesty its what we do.

I notice theres no mention about labours succesful economy fucking programme nor is there any mention of labours succesful screwing pensions inititiative.

Lies lies lies and incompetence-a future fucked for all.Vote Labour NOT.

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