Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I am a denialist climate scientist.

The Global warming bed wetters are out in force today proclaiming their idiotic new religion.The last 10 years have been the warmest ever proclaims the Gruniad.Now I dont normally read this shit rag but I looked on the online version to find out what new data has been discovered to lead them to this conclusion.
After reading this so called story I realised that the pro AGW camp are complete nucking futters.
On reading the article it appears that this dodgy data was produced as evidence at the Copenhagen wank fest to prove their theory.The only problem was the data only goes back 160 years and detailed temperature readings have only been taken over the last 10 years.So what we have is a group of non scientists(mostly economists strangely) providing dodgy data to support dodgy science.
The pro AGW camp are getting rather tetchy about the lack of evidence to support their theory and have resorted to name calling.Anyone who doesnt agree with them is called a denialist as if that makes any difference to anything.
Well I am proud to be a denialist and as my science qualifications seem to be more relevant than most I am now considering myself to be a fully fledged climate scientist.
Take a look at the above You Tube clip of Lord Christopher Monckton which is part 1 of 5 and watch him tear the whole global warming myth to pieces.
I should perhaps point out that Lord Monckton was a science adviser for Mrs Thatchers government and does know what he is talking about which is more than you can say about many on this subject.I have actually met Lord Monckton and he is a very open intelligent man with a detailed understanding of science.I am proud to be a denialist and stand 4 square behind Lord Monckton.

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