Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mind how you go !

From the Courier

"POLICE visibility is to increase in Wealden according to two new police chiefs who have just been appointed".

Inspectors Tony Wakefield and Damon Funnell say an extra four constables and one sergeant will be on the beat to give increased reassurance to residents."

Oh good more proper coppers to patrol the area which is an improvement over the useless PCSOs we have at the moment.The only problem is that those extra 4 PCs and 1 Sargeant are not going to make a huge amount of difference over the whole of the Wealden area.Still at least the 2 Inspectors can help out and get out on Patrol to "give increased reassurance to residents".Lets face it thats not very likely is it.The Inspectors like to have their face plastered over the press but dont seem to be quite as keen to get stuck in with the daily grind of policing in rural Sussex.
One states that nothing is going to change (what a surprise ) and the others experience of community Policing seems to be from the child protection team.
So we have 2 new inspectors which are collectively about as useful as 2 chocolate teapots and 4 extra PCs and a Sargeant for the whole of the Wealden area.I think its fair to say that nothing will change and if you expect there to be a changes in the number of visible Police then you will be disappointed.At least the Police will now have a couple of extra hands to make sure the Diversity and Equality shit is kept up to date and someone has to go and get the doughnuts and bacon sarnies.Mind how you go!.

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