Sunday, 11 January 2009


I dont want to come over too anti Police (I have a relative in the Met) but the Sussex Police really are crap.

Last Monday it was snowing hard and the roads were lethal.What was the plod doing to help us safely on our way.

Well they decided to park their new (unmarked Silver Mercedes Vito) ANPR van up on the side of the road and flag cars up for stopping by 2 fat plods in their unmarked siver Focus ST.The fact that it was snowing and many cars had number plates covered with snow didnt stop them.

The two fat plods were stopping people in a bus stop next to the main road which was covered in snow and ice.Didnt it occur to them that this was just a teeny weeny bit dangerous.

Course it didnt because they are programmed not to have common sense or think for themselves.As far as they were concerned anyone driving on that day was a potential crim and if they got killed by a skidding car whilst being lectured too bad.Road safety is what its all about see.

Come on Plod get your act in order and stop eating those doughnuts because you are turning into fat bastards and we all know that is a crime these days.Arrest yourself and sign up for Fat Bastards R Us if you like but leave us law abiding motorists alone.If you want to commit suicide by having a Ford Transit enema thats up to you but dont take us with you.


Ian Field said...

Law abiding motorists? What planet do you live on? Motorists that comply with the law are the exception, not the rule.

You obviously have selective sight or you don't know the law.

Captain Swing said...

Thanks for your comment Ian.

You are obviously a copper in which case you have been brainwashed and think that everyone is a crim.
Law abiding motorists are the majority and the crims are in the minority.
Please feel free to read my earlier post about being stopped just so I could be asked whether I knew it was an offence to drink and drive even though I was driving a brand new car and I hadnt had a drink for days.Your
comments on that would be most welcome.Perhaps the Police should be catching real criminals rather than harassing people going about their LAWFUL business.Oh I forgot
they wouldnt then have time to scoff doughnuts in their shiny Focus ST would they.

Ian Field said...

Your house gets burgled, you lose some property and have to mend your lock, you will also probably find it a distressing incident.

Your loved one is involved in a serious 'accident' caused by an irresponsible or intoxicated driver......

Are you honestly saying that police should pay no attention to road users?

Would you rather have to ID a loved one's body than replace a stolen laptop?

The truth is police pay significantly less time than they should to road users - I would guess little more than 5% of police time is dedicated to traffic issues.

Not least because most of the time they are dealing with a 1000 and one other things, like: burglaries, like fights caused by intoxicated yobs, domestic abuse, internet crime, credit card fraud, driving off without paying for petrol, searching for missing person, investigating suicides and not least road traffic collisions resulting in serious injury or death.

A significant number of vehicle stop/checks reveal other offences, offences an ill-informed person such as you would consider 'real crimes'.

Not enough police time is available to police the roads, hence, the terrible standard of driving on our roads.

Before you publish such nonsense on the www you really should determine the facts about the subject you are bleating about.

Ian Field said...


Tell this family that police spend too much time 'persecuting innocent motorists'.

Captain Swing said...

Thanks Ian for an insight into the thinking of a Sussex Policeman.
You really dont get what I am saying do you.

I am not sure what the link to the poor lady that got killed by some pissed scroat has got to do with it.
Stopping everyone whether you suspect them of committing a crime
or not is bad Policing.Do you not think that you are wasting your time stopping people who are driving perfectly within the law.That time could be more useful
stopping people driving poorly.
How does stopping me when I hadnt been speeding,driving a legal brand new car and not been drinking prevent drunks from killing people on the road.
If you actually concentrated on catching the criminals(people who have actually broken the law) rather than harassing law abiding citizens then perhaps I would have more respect for your view.
I am sorry Ian but I had to laugh when you said that you are so busy dealing with things like Internet Crime etc.Traffic officers dealing with internet crime you are joking.
You actually investigate gullible people who have been stupid enough to give their credit cards to some Nigerian scammer via a dodgy e mail-I dont thnk so.
You also investigate suicides well that must take a long time.
job done.
You must realise that the days of Dixon of Dock Green are long gone and the Police gave up its vow to serve the public a long time ago.

The Police these days are just an arm of social services pushing a political correct agenda that the public just dont want.
Is it not true that if you go to someones house to investigate a crime and those people have children you have a checklist to fill in to see whether you can make up any child protection allegations.Youre not so keen on investigating crime then are you.

Is it also true that if you come into contact with any children and they appear to be overweight you have to report their parents to social services(ss) for allowing them to eat too many sweets.
No exactly catching real crims is it?
I do agree with you that there is some terrible driving on the road
-so how does a roadside check stop that then?
Mind you if it is SO dangerous to speed and SO dangerous to use your phone whilst driving why are the Police allowed to do it.I guess you have been trained how to drive at breakneck speeds whilst talking on your radio.Perhaps not though given the amount of accidents and deaths involving Police playing with their high speed cars.
You might like to look at

Captain Swing said...
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Captain Swing said...

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