Sunday, 11 January 2009

Latest News-nothing.

Posted by DMH

I posted this on the Crowborough forum that no one seems to read.They asked for opinions so I have given them mine.I dont expect they will take any notice but at least they are aware that I think that the councils(town ,district and county) seems to be run by fuckwits that work their for their benefit alone.The idea about giving a good service that meets with the approval of the majority of Crowborough residents seems to be beyond them.

Nothing happening at all.No news on here and the Town council hasnt bothered to update their website since before Christmas.I thought the Council were seeking residents opinions on how Crowborough should be developed.Is it only a select group of residents being consulted or are the council going to say that we were all consulted on the back of some obscure consultation that wasnt publicised.Probably at between 5.00 and 5.05 at the Town Hall when no-one can attend.If this subject is so important then why hasnt the Council sought the views of the normal working person in Crowborough rather than the unemployed "community leaders" who represent no one other than themselves .Take for example the Youth Campaigner* (who has no children of his own and is far from a youth himself) who seems to have the ear of the council on youth matters just because he is unemployed and has the time to attend meetings and write letters to the local rag.Mind you if he has the time to spend on these things why doesnt he utilise his energy in getting a job.Who decided that this person should speak and influence decisions based on the fact that he has an interest in youth issues.I have an interest in militaria but I dont think the Army will ask my advice on anything.*to avoid embarrasing this individual I shall call him AH.
Cant the council realise that most people are busy trying to make ends meet and they dont have time to visit a meeting at someone elses convenience.A consultation is asking for opinions not obtaining the "correct" opinion from a select band of motor mouths.For what its worth I think the councils should all cut spending and aim to reduce the council tax by at least 50%.Any service that doesnt fill the basic core functions of a council should be cut free from public money and left to sink or swim.If people had to pay a fee for advice from a nappy outreach worker or travellers had to pay a fee for advice from a travellers outreach worker we would then see if there was a demand for their services.The multitude of community this and that officers and social cohesion officers would all end up on the dole with the opportunity to retrain and do something useful for once.By reducing the councils to their basic core function and ditching the political correctness rubbish huge savings in staff and money would be made.Add to that scrapping all grants from councils,scrapping the CCTV system,scrapping the community facility and we could all look forward to huge reductions in council tax levels that would really help normal working people.
I pay £200 a month council tax and what do I get for this
1)I get my rubbish collected but I have to do the councils work for them by sorting my rubbish out.
2)I get a Police service that is more interested in the rights of minority groups than protecting the majority.
3)My son gets to go to a state school.Unfortunately the schools are too busy teaching about diwali,drugs, obesity and other rubbish to bother about the basics.My 9 year old asked me "whats the difference between cocaine and crack cocaine" the other night because they had been discussing drugs at school.This was at a church funded school for fucks sake.
4)The Fire Service is provided but they are more interested having disabled people and females in their organisation than putting fires out.
What I do get is a load of busybodies paid for by the taxpayer telling me how I should live my life and bring up my kids.I get told that I must be tolerant of other ethnic groups whilst being told my culture and beliefs are irrelavant.I am an adult but treated worse than a child because I am told that I shouldnt drink alcohol because I might get drunk ,I shouldnt eat certain foods because I might get fat,I shouldnt drive my car because I might kill someone/somethingor the planet if that doesnt work,I shouldnt celebrate English culture because that might be racist,I shouldnt throw out rubbish because some cuddly animal might swallow my Tescos carrier bag and die.Dont do this dont do that is all we get these days so if anyone is listening from the council give us a break and shut up your nagging nanny ways and get a proper job.Let us live our lives how we want and dont expect us to pay for your gold plated pension non job.

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