Monday, 12 January 2009

PC Doughnuts and his 9mm peashooter.

I should point out at this point that I am a law abiding citizen who once served in HM Armed Forces.I am not a crim or scroat so why do I feel like I am being treated like one.

Sussex Police aka Doughnuts R Us seem to think that we all need to be put in our place so we know that they are in charge.

Looking at their website shows exactly what Sussex Police is all about.

Top billing goes to The Labour Conference in Brighton 2009 whoopee.

The taxpayer has to foot the bill for the Bill to swan around acting like some South American Terror Squad because the Loony Left are in Town.Martial law is in effect enacted in Brighton during this period.

Next free head massages for the boys in blue-fucking hell who thought this is a good way to spend taxpayers money.

Next a patronising article telling students to get written consent before engaging in any rumpy pumpy.Christ on a bike what is this world coming to that you need consent before playing tonsil hockey with the opposite Sex.I think its probably the opposite sex thing that upsets the Police most because they are quite happy to allow males to indulge in homo sex in public spaces and they dont bat an eyelid.Equal ops you see.

Next them gloating that they are in the top100 LGB employers in the country.Fuck me thats amazing isnt it -I havnt a clue what LGB is but fuck me it sounds good.

(I have just been informed that it stand for Lets Get Buggered or something like that).Well done Sussex Police you are truly guardians of the law and public decency (not).

Next -well here is the headline "The security and wellbeing of our communities is a priority for Sussex Police" .Translate that to we can strut around like stormtroopers asking for ID from any of you white law abiding citizens so the other lot (not white nor law abiding citizens) can sleep safely in their bed.Sorry guys I cant let this one pass.

You see Plod with their body armour and a 9mm peashooter trying to look hard by arresting pensioners and people with the wrong T Shirt on( I kid you not).Well if you want to be really hard why dont you join the Army and see how far a 9mm peashooter will get you against AK47 totting raghead.The only head massage you will get is from an RPG .You will then be hard as nails and really fighting terrorists at close quarters.Not interested -no thought not because the Police has been populated by doughnut eating nancy boy control freak bully boys(persons) who know more about LGBs than the freedom that they claim to protect.Rather than being loyal to Queen and Country they are merely doing the dirty work for the bunch of communists that run this country.(check it out guys-you will find a lot of people in the Labour Government who are ex communists).

Never forget that the Police is just a department run by the council which in turn is run by marxists whose only (common) purpose is to make everyones life a misery whilst keeping their snout firmly in the trough.Oink oink.

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Earthlet Nigel said...

No different to Horsham then, where the local council would have you believe underage drinking is a serious problem in the town, this of course duly underwritten by the West Sussex Cunty Times.
The SPA is listed as a corporation at Dun & Bradstreet, interesting. So are all of the councils in Sussex. They all seem to thrive on telling us what is good for us, and how we should behave, whilst keeping their snouts firmly in the trough, and creating non-jobs for like-minded cretins.
The divide between the public and private sectors has never been greater, do they really want a revolution?

Like you I served, Army 24 years, and I now despair of what I have defended.

The enemy was within all the time.

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