Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all the good people of Crowborough.

Obviously this sentiment doesnt extend to the wankers setting off fireworks at times other than 12.00.Whats the matter havnt you got a watch you cretins.

Nor does it extend to the bastard in the Subaru who drives down Montargis Way at all hours like only a cunt can.
Get a car more befitting your driving talent you twat-I suggest a G Wizz might be more appropriate.

Nor does it extend to the self proclaimed youth campaigner who seems to take an unhealthy
interest in the youth of Crowborough.Get a job you lazy fucker.

Nor does it extend to the retards that have started a residents association for Jarvis Brook.

Jarvis Brook is where you have to go to if you want to go to the tip.I can think of no other reason to want to visit it.The only thing that might improve it is carpet bombing.

I hope no one takes offence at these comments but if you are offended follow this simple guidance.

Fuck Off and get a sense of humour.

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