Thursday, 29 January 2009

Insurrection or Bust

This country just gets more fucked up by the day.

Yesterday it was
1) Children being adopted by shirt lifters in Scotland despite protests from the childrens grandparents.Edinburgh social wankers told the grandparents that if they objected they would never see their grandchildren again.I have always held that all social workers are fucking useless parasites but this proves that they are also evil deviant fucktards.

2)A Marine that lost his legs fighting in Afghanistan has had his plans for a special bungalow near his family turned down.No one objected but the wankers at Wealden Council decided that having
your legs blown off was not a good enough reason and anyway it wouldnt fit in.I should point out that this is in Pevensey where the whole place is covered in bungalows.If he was a pikey he would have been allowed to annex someones field and crap all over it with the councils blessing.
Wealden Council-wankers to the core.

3)Gordon Brown pisses even more of our money up the wall and then proceeds to piss himself in public (yes really) see

4)Today its Alcohol-some fucking lesbo was on the radio telling us how terrible it is to allow children to drink alcohol.Tell that to the French or Italians you fucking sanctimonious old lezzer.

5)Some other fucking ugly old trout that was in charge when hundreds of people in the local hospital (Kent and Snuffit) died of MRSA etc is now demanding 100s of £1000s because she got the sack.She was in charge at the time but it wasnt her fault .Her name is Rose Gibb or Rose West I am not sure which-both were responsible for lots of needless Deaths.Has the old bag never heard of corporate manslaughter.

Every day something else comes to light which a few years ago would seem unbelievable but now we just accept it.

When does the insurrection start?


Earthlet Nigel said...

First find out in that fucking council who regularly attends a Gym, and is a keep fit fanatic, as well as a Machiavellian Litter Hitler and send those cunts out mine clearing. It might just might focus their tiny fucking minds on the objective in hand

Captain Swing said...

Bit too quick for my liking.

The cunts in the council need to suffer for what they have done.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Having just viewed the Youtube clip of Noel Edmiunds I feel Wealden District Cuntcil might just be having a change of heart. Unforetunately elections don't remove the wankers actually employed by cuntcils, and these often prevent the elected from representing the electorate

Captain Swing said...

I saw that as well .
Hopefully the fuckers at Wealden will have to backtrack which will show them up as the marxist cunts that they are.

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