Tuesday, 27 January 2009


In view of the previous post I am posting this to make sure I am not left out of the Pan European Criminal database.

Just in case they dont get the message...

Barrossa is a mentally defective cunt.

The EU flag is only good for two things,setting alight to and wiping your arse on.(Not in that order).

All MEPS are corrupt and partial to deviant sexual practices.

Gordon Brown and his cabinet are retarded cunts of the highest order and should be slowly lowered into vats of boiling lead.

Anyone who works for the EU or its allied organisations are traitorous bastards that
are polluting this planet and stealing oxygen.

Gordon Brown-nappy-rocking horse (nuff said).

My address is

Mr C Swing
Crowborough Redoubt
East Sussex

Come and get me if you think you are hard enough you nazi cunts.

1 comment:

Earthlet Nigel said...

I agree with burning the EU flag and with wiping your arse with, but not at the same time. I would therefore suggest to a; first wipe your arse with it, then; b set light to it, and add considerably to your carbon footprint.

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