Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sussex Community Speedwatch.

Community Speedwatch is a scheme whereby local busybodies are employed by Sussex Police to act as stasi agents by monitoring your behaviour when driving.Get clocked by a Stasi Speedwatch scheme and you get a letter,get clocked again and you get another letter,get clocked a third time and they unlawfully put a marker on your car so you are harassed at every opportunity by the Police who clearly have nothing better to do.
Sussex Police state that these schemes are free but as usual they are lying.In fact it costs £3000 to set up every scheme and the Police get a £1000 bung from the taxpayer to cover a third of these costs.Obviously the Police cant afford to fund all the £3000 out of their budgets because they have more imprtant things to do with their money like taking part in gay pride marches and spending most of their days in their nice warm office tweeting (they are not called station cats for nothing).
The Police like to keep their little money making speedwatch scam secret-I got blocked by the utterly useless Wealden Police from their twitter feed for pointing out the dodgy funding arrangements which I obtained from their own documents.When they realised they were busted as well as banning me they also did what every corrupt public organisation does at such times-they try to revise history.
The documents that I obtained the information from were removed from the Police website and if you try to search for Community Speedwatch on their site today strangely it comes up with no results.
I however have a copy of said document and it clearly states ....

 " In total, costs would be in the region of £3000. Sussex Police is not in a position to bear the total costs of establishing these schemes and would seek funding through partnership initiatives. Funding maybe available through Crime and Disorder Partnerships (CDRP) or other local partnership arrangements.".Unfortunately I didnt keep the document detailing the breakdown of costs to the taxpayers but they were £3000 in total of which £2000 comes from the taxpayer via the Police and £1000 is given to the Police from the local authority.

The truth is that every time the Police set up a scheme they get £1000 bung from the taxpayer -is it any wonder they are keen to set up a scheme in every town/village in Sussex-you dont need a maths degree to work out theres a huge amount of  money to be had here for little or no effort.Where does this money go who knows but it certainly isnt used to catch criminals.Just in Crowborough which is pretty crime free we have..

House Invasion Robbery-Unsolved(after nearly a year)
Old Lady Robbed-Unsolved.
Alleged Sexual Assault-Unsolved.

Clearly there is no money in catching crims but harassing motorists results in an endless taxpayer funded money pit for the Police which provides them with the excuse of sitting on their fat backsides doing nothing all day other than sending letters out,tweeting and munching on endless bacon butties and doughnuts.

Just another example of just how useless Wealden Section of Sussex Police are is the fact that they got a restraining order on someone local because they were sending nasty text messages to the poor sensitive little dears that ponce around pretending to be coppers when they are actually just dickheads on a power trip (PCSOs to you and me).Now I havent got the local plastic plods mobile number so it must have been handed out and if you cant accept a bit of abuse you are in the wrong job.It is unbelievable that the Police has a court order to stop someone communicating with them using the method that they encouraged in the first place.Its almost as bad as Wealden Police encouraging people to engage with them using social media but if you start asking awkward questions they block you.

Another useful little gem is that by their own guidance

 3.1 Hand Held Speed Devices( Laser, Speed Ace, etc) should not be used within 200 metres of the start or end of any speed limit.

Useful to know especially if you get a stasi speedwatch letter through your letter box .

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