Wednesday, 9 January 2013

LISTEN: Police Taking Action Against Oil Theft - Sovereign FM

LISTEN: Police Taking Action Against Oil Theft - Sovereign FM

Listen to Dick Coates the local Copper in charge of Wealden Police Farce telling us about oil thefts on Sovereign FM.

I think this establishes perfectly the reason why the local Police are so useless.

Dick reasons that oil thefts are more likely in rural areas because less people are around and  the tanks are further from the property thus enabling crim to do his dirty work undisturbed.

Clearly Dick is  more at home in his native Black Country than rural Sussex if he believes this
utter rubbish.

The reason why  oil theft is more likely in rural areas is that its only people living in those areas that have no choice but to get their heating by oil.People in towns and semi rural areas are on the gas mains and dont have any oil to steal but the people in rural sussex have no choice and Mr Crim knows that simple fact . The fact that the commander of Wealden Police shows so little understanding about rural issues indicates that he is way out of his depth outside the metropolis of the West Midlands.

The other reason why rural thefts in general  are more likely is the fact that the Police never venture beyond the boundaries of the towns .If you live outside the main towns the response time for plod goes up from time measured in minutes to time measured in hours and days.

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