Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Zombie Police state town-Crowborough.

I often joke about the comparisons of living in Crowborough with living in stasi Communist East Germany but really it is no joke.

In Crowborough free speech is restricted,we are spied on 24 hrs a day via CCTV and the Police decide who can have a valid opinion via the subversive change agent that is Crowborough Partnership.The local press is also a member of this undemocratic group so they shut off any discussions that are not approved by Crowborough Partnership.
Dare to mention that the town is run by a shadowy organisation with no democratic mandate that is as transparent in its dealings as a house brick and you will find yourself having your right to free speech and free association restricted by the secret cabal of marxist post democratic retards that seem to infest public life in the town.
The town council is totally disfunctional given the fact that only 2 of its councillors have been voted in and the Mayor who is a co optee holds the position contrary to the Local Government Act.

If you said that you had been banned from publishing any details of how the town is run,banned from associating with people on the local albeit crap forum website and people would assume you live in some communist hellhole that has never known freedom from an undemocratic leadership that holds the rights and interests of the residents with the utmost contempt.Go on to explain that the Police decides who can express their views and who cant in combination with the bought and paid for lackies in the press and they would be convinced that you are describing a society modelled on North Korea.That opinion is not far from the truth especially when you explain that after challenging the Police on their dodgy figurework you get attacked by aggressive trolls (the online equivalent of the fingermen in V for Vendetta) with the knowledge and consent of the local corrupt Police whose only response is to ban any futher comment on that subject.

If a country was run in the same way as this town it would without a doubt be described as a totalitarian Police state.As Crowborough is not a state the very best you can call it is a totalitarian Police state town.At least the stasi were efficient,smart and intelligent-something that cannot be said for Wealden Police who would find it difficult to spell free society let alone explain it.As for Crowborough partnershit they have done more damage to this town in 2 years than the Germans did during 5 years of total warfare.Even in the darkest days of WW2 democracy was alive and well in Crowborough with a council  working to protect and serve the residents they were elected to represent.
If anyone had created a shadow unelected council designed to subvert normal life and restrict the freedoms of the residents the home guard would have been tasked with rounding them up as 5th columnists and sending them off with the prospect of them facing the rope or firing squad.
How things have changed-the town has been taken over by dark undemocratic forces without firing a shot.If the members of Crowborough Partnership had turned up at the town hall saying that they are now the rulers of this town and that from now on the town would be run by a few unelected leaders for their benefit perhaps people would be aware but undermining democracy is something not done in the open.This is what has happened but CP have been rumbled before completing their not so cunning plan so they are fighting back the only way they know - by repression and restriction of free speech along with the abandoning of a free press.They think they have the town stitched up but in reality CP have been drawn into a pincer movement between freedom and democracy fought online.
Whatever happens next they lose and ultimately freedom and democracy will prevail in our town but until the zombie populace are dragged screaming from come strictly X talent factor that day will not be soon.

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