Friday, 7 December 2012

Boycott free speech hating Crowborough People.

Banning free speech like 1984.

Like every family in Crowborough members of my family have fought and died in both World Wars in order to ensure we could all live in a free and open society.
One of my ancestors was one of the guarantors of the Magna Carta.

How they must be turning in their graves.

Fast forward to 2012 and the country they fought for and died for is just a distant memory.

One of the most basic freedoms and indicators of a free society is freedom of speech.Everyone is entitled to voice their opinions about anything whether others agree or not.
Not anymore sadly is that the case even in a small town like Crowborough.
Crowborough people is a forum run by the local rag and part of northcliffe media whereby residents can voice their opinions on anything.Well when I say anything I mean anything as long as you only mention things that they agree with.Mention anything about the unelected marxists that  infest the town council or the marxists that run the undemocratic crowborough partnership and they will delete your posts and block your account without giving a reason.E mail and ask for a reason and they just ignore you.
Still us plebs will have the last laugh because the established press have had their day with circulation figures falling year on year.The future is most definitely online news linked into social media where free comment is welcomed and censorship unknown.
I have had enough of the crowborough people site and the crummy kent and sussex courier paper.I will not be wasting my time or money on something that is only fit for toilet paper.The future is online and that is where I will be.

I will be boycotting the Crowborough People site and would urge everyone else to do the same.I will be taking my battle for freedom of speech and freedom of life to the next level here and on twitter.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Captain. Crowborough People is just the same inaccurate "mummsy" garbage as its parent K&S Courier! What are they afraid of? don`t they know that it is not possible in law to slander or libel a Council? (test case was Derbyshire County Council versus Norman Tebbit). I suspect Napolian`s reply to your post with accurate and provable reference`s to a specific case of CTC lunatic behaviour was the trigger! The Courier showed appalling bias in reporting the case above and refused the right of reply! Keep up the good work.

Captain Swing said...

Thanks for that -I am sure that case may well come in useful.
No free press or free speech-Crowborough is no better than North Korea where at least you know where you stand.We however are supposed to be living in a free country although events such as this suggests otherwise.

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