Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Crowborough Partnership-Subversion Agent.

It is widely accepted that democracy is largely dead in Crowborough.The Town Council is a sham with only 2 of its members actually voted in yet more and more mad cap projects are rolled out by this unelected cabal with no benefit to the residents at all.The town is bankrupt having borrowed squillions of money for the £3.5 million conmunity centre and for every other looney tune scheme in creation.The unelected council have realised that they are in the financial mire and have recently been trying to land grab and obtain more assets in the form of land and buildings to try and stave off effective bankruptcy.
Not so long ago the Town had a council full of voted councillors that had the interest of the town at heart without selling its soul to the devil.
The hollowing out of the Town Council is not by accident though and serves a very important role of being a shell to portray(a false impression of) stability and democracy to those residents that seem to have no capacity to look beyond the facade of the town council.Prod the bloated dead carcass of the Town Council and the rotting corruption is there for all to see and pretty unpleasant it is too.
This fetid corruption has a name and its name is The Crowborough Partnership.Ask anyone in the town and they will probably have no clue as to what the Crowborough Partnership is and what part it plays in the downfall of local democracy in Crowborough.
Like all shadowy organisations the Crowborough Partnership(which shares its initials with Common Purpose) likes to operate in the dark away from the spotlight of accountability and publicity.Well they had better prepare themselves because I am about to shine a light of biblical proportions on the organisation and the main players to give some sort of insight into what is going on in our town.I should point out that although I am most interested in Crowborough organisations like Crowborough Partnership (CP) operate in most small towns in the South east with the aim of subverting local democracy.There is even a an umbrella group/quango to oversee the process called SEtowns (click here).Organisations like SEtowns themselves operate within what is called the third sector and are invariably infested with Common Purpose Graduates.The aim of SEtowns and similar organisations is to place change agents within Town Councils to subvert local democracy in order to "change society".To those brought up in the 70s this is recognisable as communist subversion but nowdays rather than the USSR being the puppetmaster behind this it is the EU who funds this through their own (unelected  )regional administration.
From now on when a new policy or madcap scheme is announced by the council it must be appreciated that the unelected council has no part in the process other than as a conduit to present them to the public as being produced using the democratic process.If people realised that all town council policy is decided via dodgy deals with shadowy organisations like CP and just funneled through the relevant committee to be presented to and rubber stamped by the council "cabinet" I think they would be outraged.
To spell it out there is no democracy and no accountability in any decisions supposedly coming from the Council.The fact that the council itself is largely unelected is also an outrage because there is no one on the council speaking up for the interests of the residents and electorate.In effect they are all bought men (and women) and just do what they are told and toe the line otherwise they are out.
A perfect illustration of this is the hated shared space being pushed through by George Moss and the Crowborough Partnership despite getting a resounding no from the residents during the "public consultation".

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