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The Crowborough Partnership-The Players.

Having set the scene with the previous post lets shine a bit of light on Crowborough Partnership and see what runs for cover.
CP is difficult to  pin down because there seems to be no recent information on their website at all.There have been Town Council minuted references to CP AGMs being held but there are none published beyond 2009/10 and very little published about its membership or accounts.
The address given for CP is actually the Town Hall address which is  interesting in itself and its known that unelected George Moss is supposedly the leader but actually he is only referred as such in paper articles and press releases.

There are 3 CP groups and a chairman represents each group whilst reporting to the overall leader/chairman of the Partnership.

The 3 groups are The Business Group,Town Enhancement Group,Transport and Tourism Group with 3 Chairmen and an overall Chairman Leading  the Partnership.

I am going to concentrate on the Leaders of the Town Enhancement group,Transport and Toursim Group and the Leader of the Partnership itself.
I am leaving out the Business Group and its Chairman because this organisation has been going for sometime and predates the Crowborough Partnership by a number of years.Also the chairman of the business group is actually a democratically elected councillor (not town council) so I am cutting him some slack.

Chairman of the Town Enhancement group is none other than our friend poor old Clive (Dunn)
Wilson who has been co opted in and out of the Town Council like a fiddlers elbow .
Chairman of the Transport and Tourism group is Mike (Toilet )Tollit who seems to have been or still is the Clerk for Rotherfield Parish Council .

Chairman  of the Partnership  is a  Mr Dudley Hutchings who is  a scouser that supposedly runs his own business (sinister CP phrase) "managing change".

For someone who wields a lot of power within the town and is in effect the shadow leader not a lot is known about Mr Hutchings.

More to come on these three .

The Partnership itself organised the towns healthcheck and the town vision document and is now instrumental in pushing it all through despite objections from the public.A partnership would hint at some sort of input from the public on these documents but there isnt.The public get a rigged   consultation to make it seem like they are having a say but at the end of the day all the schemes in the vision document will be implemented by the Crowborough Partnership regardless. The only role the public has is to pay for the schemes through ever rising council tax bills becoming no more than cattle to be used and abused as required.
The organisations /partners that were consulted on the Healthcheck/Vision are as follows

  • The Crowborough Town Council 

  • Crowborough Community Action Group 

  • The Crowborough Town Enhancement Group  

  • Crowborough Community Association 

  • Crowborough Business Group  

  • Wealden District Council  

  • East Sussex County Council   

  • The Sussex Downs and Weald Primary Care Trust 

  • Youth Development Service 

  • Beacon Community College  

  • Uckfield Community Rail Partnership 

  • High Weald AONB Forum

  • Churches Together

  • Wealden Federation of Voluntary Organisations 

  • Sussex Police  

  • Safer Wealden Partnership

  • Eastbourne and District Enterprise Agency Ltd

    So no public input there its all common purpose infected quangos and common purpose infected third sector organisations alongside common purpose infected Local Authorities.
    The top 5 organisations mentioned are all parts of the Crowborough Partnership so its no suprise that their plans were all adopted for the vision document that they will also be responsible for implementing.None of the healthcheck and vision meetings were open to the public and no one outside these organisations have had their say prior to the vision document being published.As such it is the vision of change for the town by the Partnership and no way is it a vision shared with the actual residents of the town.

  • Just a couple of points of interest which may be relevant or may not.

    Kay Moss ex mayor and wife of George Moss works for ESCC at Beacon School and is a trustee of Clued Up which is run by the ESCC Youth development service.
    The new mayor is a member of  Churches together.
    Wheels within wheels.

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