Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Murder in Robertsbridge-Police response underwhelming.

Police investigating the murder of farmer Julian Gardner say he had contacted officers on two previous occasions.
The 52-year-old was found by his business partner at Bush Barn Farm at Robertsbridge, East Sussex on Monday morning.
It is thought the burglars may have been trying to steal one of the many off-road vehicles awaiting repair which were parked in the grounds.
Officers say there were two previous incidents where Mr Gardner had called police to his farm.

So the fact is that like Tony Martin this man was plagued by crim scum and the Police done the square root of fuck all to help and protect this man and his property.In the end the poor man tried to deal with the criminals himself and he was run over and killed.The crim scum are to blame but Sussex Police also have blood on their hands by concentrating their resouces on promoting gay sex and cracking down on non crimes like speeding whilst letting real crims literally get away with murder.

The Police are supposed to protect and serve the community-if they cannot do that then what exactly is their purpose beyond collecting illegal fines for non crimes.

My only hope is that Sussex Police will now dedicate as much resource to finding the murderers of Mr Gardener as they seem to be able to find in order to harrass the motorists of Sussex on a daily basis.

This comment came from a member of the public who sums it up perfectly by saying.

"Listening to the stumbling drivel issued by DCI Adam Hibbert, I begin to understand why we have nasty anonymous, neighbour reporting schemes in Sussex. The underwhelming quality of local police is frightening to behold."

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