Sunday, 3 October 2010

Chop Chop the Council.

A PIECE of Crowborough's history has been axed by "mistake"A tree on Chapel Green, planted in 1935 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, was felled last month, but no-one at the town council will admit giving the order.

The council are really in shit now but true to form the spineless pricks are in reverse faster than an Italian tank.No one is going to fess up to authorising this tree to be chopped down although obviously contractors wouldnt have done it without someones say so because they wouldnt have got paid.

Just contrast the situation if it was a member of the public that had cut down a tree without the say so of the stasi inspired "tree officer".I guess you would be in front of the beak in pretty sharp order .

Someone knows who gave the go ahead for this vandalism and should speak up so the person concerned is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.The councillors sticking their head in the sand in the hope that the "a big boy did it and run away" excuse will actually wash with Crowborough residents is not a very dignified site is it.

The only councillor (non elected) that has stood up and admitted they have cocked up bigtime is our very own personal favourite Clive (Dunn) Wilson.If Clives umbrage is sincere then I applaud him but he needs to go further and investigate the matter and name names.The Mayor has promised an investigation but confidence in a woman who fiddled the voting system to enable her to continue as mayor for another year is not high.

My guess is it will go very quiet while this non existent investigation goes on and the matter will be quietly dropped.In the words of Shaw Taylor residents need to keep em peeled.If anyone knows anything then drop me a line by email (in confidence)alternatively post an anon comment on here.Any e mails once read are deleted .

Finally I would just like to point out that the council dont actually own the green or the trees on it-they belong to the people of Crowborough and therefore the shittyy little council should keep their dirty little hands off our property unless we give them permission to act on our behalf.

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