Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lunatics in charge of the asylum.

Just an illustration of the idiots we have in charge of our childrens education.Even Rusthall is not immune from the right on pc lesbian social worker syndrome.

Old news I know but I thought we all need reminding.

Interestingly the Courier didnt even touch this story under instructions no doubt from our glorious leaders.Not much social cohesion here though when a 6 year old white girl can get be labelled a racist on the word of an older immigrant child but the bullying(a 11 year old chasing a 6 year old) aspect seemed to be conveniently forgotten.As we are now all racist we might as well all vote for the BNP next election.

The parents of a six-year-old girl are outraged after their daughter was branded a racist for telling a black girl she had chocolate on her face.
They fear the incident could 'haunt' her throughout her time at school.
Sharona Gower had been eating chocolate mousse and was playing with a friend when she was chased by two 11-year-old girls.
When one of the older girls, who was black, said Sharona had chocolate on her face, the youngster replied: 'Well, you've got chocolate on yours.'
The older girl wiped her face and said: 'I've got nothing on my face, actually.'
The girl then complained to a teacher, who gave Sharona a telling off.
But when Michelle Gower, 34, went to collect her daughter from school, she was told the incident was 'racist' and that a complaint had been logged.
Now Mrs Gower and her husband Nick, 45, believe the incident at St Paul's School, in Rusthall, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, was not properly investigated and has left their daughter 'distressed and confused'.
Mrs Gower said: 'The teacher told me that the girl had complained that Sharona was racist.
'The teacher said she had to record this and it had been logged as required by law.
'The teacher said they have a zero-tolerance policy for racism and bullying, which my husband and I totally agree with. Read more:

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