Thursday, 19 November 2009

Crowborough Town Council-Undemocratic Sham

Above you can see the picture of one of our town councillors (Leigh Colbran).A representative of the people of Crowborough voted for by the people of Crowborough you would think.This democratically elected representative has been appointed chairman of the communications and events comittee presumably because she is the best "person" for the job.When I looked up the last town council election results I am left in some doubt whether Leigh is actually an elected Town Councillor at all.Look at the results detailed below.
Crowborough Town Council - Crowborough North Ward
CandidateLeigh COLBRAN
357 votes
8.88% Not Elected
So there you have it -someone who only got 8.88% of the vote and not elected somehow manages to be appointed as a councillor.
Perhaps someone could enlighten me how this can be democratic .

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