Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Independent state of Crowborough.

Is there any reason why Crowborough or any other town cannot break away from the rest of the country and become an independent state.The EU and the Government seem intent on turning the country into a socialist multi-cultural hell hole where unelected favoured ones get the job of ruling over the plebs because they consider themselves to be the elite.Democracy has gone out of the window and the people of this country dont even get a say on some of the most important issues facing us since
WW2.Gordon Brown (unelected) lords over us with a cabinet including many unelected peers whilst taking orders from the undemocratic EUSSR.Phoney Tony is hoping to come back as El Presidente(unelected) like some modern day Napoleon.
Even at local level the town councillors are getting in on the act and being appointed without anyone voting for them.Its common practice for councils to decide they cant be bothered to hold a vote and instead appoint new councillors by co-opting them because its the right thing to do!.In Crowborough we have just been blessed? with 2 new town councillors (Damian Alonan and Clive Wilson) without a vote being cast.They seem to have been appointed using the nudge nudge wink wink say no more method of appointment.How can these people claim to represent residents when no residents have ever given them a mandate.
Isnt it time to start from scratch and change the system to the advantage of the people.

As an example of what I mean think of Crowborough becoming an independent state where we govern ourselves by means of a local panel(parliament if you will) where all the members have been voted in by the local residents.Anyone could stand as a representative in their own right with no political parties allowed.Get enough votes and you are a representative -simples.

Just think council tax scrapped,VAT scrapped,eco loony laws scrapped,firearms laws scrapped ,all EU laws scrapped,car tax scrapped,fuel duty scrapped,alcohol duty scrapped in fact the only laws that would remain would be those to protect what we know as our Common Law Rights.We could rid ourselves of Sussex Council,Wealden Council and all their henchmen.To make sure that we are not pushed around we could be like Switzerland-armed to the teeth but neutral.

Not quite Utopia but not far short

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