Sunday, 1 November 2009

Checker Cars Gatwick

Just got back from a week in the West Midlands.

There are a lot of cunts on the road but the biggest cunt ever was the bastard twat driving a checker cars Volvo estate down the M23 this afternoon.The retard driving thought it was good practice to drive right up my arse and flash his lights so he could pass.
So Mr Retard taxi driver-you will be soon be laughing on the other side of your fat face when I report you to the licencing department for dangerous driving.See you soon selling the big issue you fat fucker.

Remember -if you want to be driven by a retarded half wit that doesnt know his head from his arse then get a cab from Checker Cars.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider whether it was in fact your driving style that was causing the problem. Easy to blame others when the retard may well have been you. Glad to see you are highly educated with the Anglo-Saxon language though!

Captain Swing said...

Thanks anonimong of checker cars.I take it that you think it is reasonable to drive up the arse of someone flashing your lights then!
Just remind us all which part of the highway code it is that states this because I cant recall it.
Lets analyse your argument a little shall we.A car is in front of you which you want to overtake because you are an aggressive cunt .Where exactly do you think the car in front is going to go if they are in the outside lane overtaking other cars .If you were the driver of that car your driving was piss poor and to blame others for your crap driving says more about you than a few choice words.Cunts like you should get a job that doesnt involve you being anywhere near a car least of all one with the companies name plastered all over it.On reflection I think being labelled a
retarded cunt is the least of your troubles.

Anonymous said...

Pity your assumptions are wholly wrong. I am not in anyway involved with Checkers Cars and unless someone has committed identify fraud to the best of my knowledge I don't even hold a private hire licence but of course on your santimonious pedestal you have clearly put yourself on you may know different. From previous blogs you have posted it would seem that you are regularly in contact with supposedly "bad" drivers so maybe the truth is closer to home!

Captain Swing said...

You would be surprised what information you provide when you visit sites.

Try to think up a witty name next time as posting "Anonymous" indicates a certain amount of laziness and lack of imagination.
It doesnt really matter who you are or who you are pretending to be today-the fact is I have got a registration number and time/location.All I need now to hit the jackpot is the address of the taxi licencing office in Crawley-its here somewhere.

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