Thursday, 27 August 2009

Norfolk Constabulary are shit.

A Freedom of Information request found that a one-year-old and two babies "0 years of age" were stopped and searched by Norfolk Constabulary this year.
Police said that since 2007, 32 children aged nine and younger were searched by officers in the county.
A Norfolk police spokesman said: "A typical call about a group of children and young people dealing drugs could involve searching everyone in the group.
"Furthermore, a child could be given drugs or weapons to stash, either willingly or unwillingly, even concealing such items in push chairs or prams."
Since 2007, most of those searched were aged nine, but five babies not yet a year old were searched by officers. Two one-year-olds and three two-year-olds have also been subject to scrutiny by police.

Jesus its good to know that Sussex are not the only Police Force in the Country that are fucking useless.

Babies can be particularly dangerous and the contents of their nappies could be considered by some to be potential biological weapons.
Expect Norfolk Police to undertake random searches of nappies any time soon.We can then say truthfully that Norfolk Police are shit at their job.

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