Thursday, 27 August 2009

Labour Conference delegates -hated more than pikeys.

The good folk of Sussex are in the main sensible down to Earth types that tolerate all sorts of people in their county.That hypocritical socialist bitch polly toynbee has a 2nd or is it 3rd house in Lewes and no one has yet petrol bombed it.

There are 2 groups of people that this tolerance is not extended to.Both groups descend on places causing disruption and chaos -they both seem outside the normal rules of society and seem immune to prosecution.Once gone the local residents have to cope with destruction of all they hold dear and have to face a huge bill to clean up after these 2 primary scum groups.

The first of these groups is of course the pikeys-hated the length and breadth of this county but beloved by the wankers in the council and the even bigger wankers in Sussex (lets get buggered)Police.

The second group is hated even worse than the pikeys.

Again the only people that support these scum bags are the wankers in the council and the bigger wankers in the Sussex(lets get buggered)Police.

Yes ladies and gentlemen its time for martial law to be imposed in Brighton because Gordon Brown and his bunch of Marxist placemen are coming to town.Why these cunts choose to come to sunny Brighton is a mystery to me because I have yet to meet anyone in Sussex who would like to do anything less than boil the whole lot in boiling lead (feet first).It does however give the wankers supposedly protecting us from crime an opportunity to flex their muscles in front of their beloved leaders .Nothing will be too much for Sussex police in order to avoid any nastiness like the socialist scum actually coming into contact with the general public.Huge swathes of the South Coast will be cordoned off in order to protect their great leader from being told that he is a one eyed Scottish cunt that should fuck off back to Scotland and die.

Whilst half the police force are beating up pensioners , arresting people wearing t shirts and generally shooting anyone they see fit the rest of the county has to rely on those turds in uniforms PCSOs in order to keep us safe.

Pikeys and Labour scum-different cheek same arse

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