Thursday, 15 January 2009

Line em up,Aim ,Fire

More vandalism at Goldsmiths leisure centre and the model railway.Dont worry though the Police and council have got it in hand.They have thought about what to do and they have decided that it is important that this is discussed with youth groups.
Fucking hell the little shits that did this are probably quaking in their Nike trainers over the matter being discussed.
Not that any of the twats at the town hall seem to care-this is criminal damage which last time I looked was a criminal offence.(clue in the word criminal).
Seeing as the only youth group in Crowborough is the fucking useless Clued Up which doesnt represent anyone other than its highly paid youth workers I cant really see this working.
Perhaps this might be a job for the self proclaimed youth campaigner of Crowborough.Perhaps if he could get off his fat arse for a few minutes he could "get down" with the yoof and get some names of likely suspects.Pass the names onto the Police who could then investigate it .
I bet if I was caught speeding the Police wouldnt decide to discuss the matter with motoring groups so why does the local scum get preferential treatment.

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