Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ideal for Self Defence

"Oh Mr Swing you are spoiling us with pictures of women and guns."
Some subhuman scroat seems to have taken a blade or other implement to my van whilst parked on my drive .
Yes some cunt decided to scratch my van whilst parked beside my house.
If by the off chance said scumbag is reading this (pretty unlikely as this would involve brain function above the level of plankton) consider this a warning.
Obviously Mr Scrote you have on you a sharp implement which you could use as a weapon.
If I find you on my property I will asume you are armed with a sharp weapon and take whatever steps I need to take to protect myself and my family.
No offence but you are a cunt and an oxygen thief.My advice would be to leave town now.
In Texas you have a right to shoot dead anyone trespassing on your property during the hours of darkness.The Americans may have plenty of faults but having a decent law on self defence
isnt one.Over here you have to weigh the situation up and decide rationally what response you are going to use.By that time you are probably bleeding profusely on the deck having your head kicked in.Regardless of the situation you are probably going to have to explain yourself to a judge if you use any force to protect yourself .Better to be in court breathing and explaining your actions than lying dead in the gutter.
Self Defence laws here is all about proportionate response.If someone comes at you with a knife you can use any force to incapacitate them up to and including deadly force.However if once incapacititated you put the boot in for good measure that is not considered reasonable sadly.
This information is just advice do with it what you want-its your choice.

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