Saturday, 11 May 2013

Crowborough Partnership and Common Purpose share more than just initials.

As we all know Crowborough is a democracy free zone whereby the Town Council is largely unelected and operates outside the public gaze with little or no accountability for its actions.

All policy decisions are made through the Crowborough Partnership and then fed through the council to present to the public.Crowborough Partnership is a group of people that runs the town with absolutely no democratic mandate or oversight,they dont publish the minutes to their meetings and dont publish their accounts despite having a bank account full of taxpayers money.They are equally secretive about who their members are.
Unelected George Moss claims to be Chairman some time and equally unelected Dudley Hutchings claims this dubious honour at other times.

I have never been able to get a definitive list of the organisations that run Crowborough through this shadowy unnaccountable partnership but I have my own list of some which I add to when information comes up.

One of the members I am aware of is Churches Together Sussex which seems to have its lefty evangelical fingers in so many pies including the sinister vigilante force called Street Pastors who like to wander around in their obligatory hi viz jackets to recruit new members whilst pretending to keep the peace.In reality they are no better than scientologists etc in the sinister/ weird religious cult stakes.

Churches together is headed by Ian Chisnal who ran for the PCC job in Sussex .Despite failing to get the PCC job Ian Chisnall still has unminuted and secret meetings with the Police and other authorities to make policy on policing despite having no authority whatsoever to do so.

Secret unminuted meetings and decisions made beyond the authority of those making them has all the hallmarks of Common Purpose the  sinister "education charity" that has infiltrated and undermined all levels of society with the aim of producing "change" in society in what they describe as the post democratic age.In reality it is using mind bending NLP and Marxist Frankfurt School subversion techniques to undermine society and destroy it from the inside.The change they describe is the change from a democratic society to an undemocratic socialist/marxist society within the new communist soviet union aka the EU.

If you want to know more about Common Purpose then go to this website and read for yourself.

Back to Ian Chisnal who by all accounts isnt the brightest candle in the pack -boasts of being a Common Purpose graduate.

So we have a subversive organisation Crowborough Partnership run by people who have known links to a subversive network that has been described as the "glue that allows corruption to occur in the public service".

By concidence Crowborough Partnership and Common Purpose have the same initials which they also share with the Communist Party.It would appear that these marxist scum are hiding in full sight and rubbing our noses in it at the same time.

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