Thursday, 18 April 2013

The tale of Crowborough Common and the Elitist Beacon Golf Club.

The fatheads in charge of the elitist Beacon Golf Course have decided to restrict access to the area of the Golf Course despite it forming part of Crowborough Common an area of over 200 acres of which the Golf Course constitutes a part.

The De La Warr estate sold the land rights to Crowborough Common (including what is now the elitist Golf Course) in 1906 with a condition of sale being that the public access to the entire area would never be restricted.This was later formalised under a declaration of the 1925 Law of Property Act to confirm that public access was allowed for the entire Crowborough Common area.

The elitist fatheads of the Beacon Golf Course are now trying to revoke this declaration and restrict public access across the area of the Common that includes the Golf Course.The only problem is that the condition of sale in 1906 guaratees free access forever and the declaration for the 1925 Property Act cannot be revoked by the elitist Golf Club or anyone else.

Backround for this situation is that the Elitist Beacon Golf Club (they hate being called elitist) tried to build a Car Park on the Common so its overweight members (the majority) didnt have to walk too far from their German elitist cars to the bar and back.After an uproar locally the application was turned down by Wealden Council.This really pissed off the elitists Golf Club because they thought they had bought off the Town Council and even employed (unelected) Cllr Steen as an "adviser" over the matter.

The fathead elitists are now trying to change the status of the common which has been common land for hundreds of years to prevent the plebs from gaining access to their beloved elitist golf club.

Unfortunately what the elitist Golf Club has done will backfire because people will just ignore their pompous proclamations and threatening signs and just continue enjoying the whole of the common as they have for generations.

As well as acting unlawfully the fathead elitists of Crowborough Beacon Golf Club have published a new website which publicly lambasts anyone who objected to their elitist car park plans using peoples names and location.

Strangely enough there has not been a peep from Crowborough (unlected)Town Council over the elitist golf clubs plans to restrict ancient rights of access over the Common .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'Tale of the Elitist Beacon Golf Club'.

Now have a think about this, people of Crowborough:

1. The golf club has suddenly revoked a set of byelaws (the 1936 Order of Limitations) that had worked well for 77 years - both for the golfers playing their games and for locals enjoying their historic legal right to ramble on the Common.

2. In place of the byelaws the golf club has erected unlawful signs telling the public they have to stick to public footpaths and must stop their rambling.

3. A natural gas well on the Common near Windlesham Manor and Sheep Plain was recently licensed to fracking exploration company Cuadrilla Limited.

4. To exploit this potential fracking site, the area around the well would need to have a restriction removing the rambling public.

This is all now starting to add up...

The gold club must think we were born yesterday.

Property owners of Crowborough - make sure your home is fully insured.

Anonymous said...

Really !!! And the moon is made of cheese and the earth is flat.

Anonymous said...

When Captain Swing leaves school and grows up he might then be able to distinguish fact from his fiction

Captain Swing said...

Thanks Ray oops sorry anonymong-the only person who is unable to
understand the difference between the truth and lies seems to be you.
If you have something to say then say it otherwise stfu.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Captain Swing, is a member of the flat earth society.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, fracking is pure fantasy. Secondly if one walks ones dog before or after work, one will not see any golfists and as such will be able to walk where he or she chooses. If you walk your dog during the middle of the day, then surely a bit of common sense can be used by trying to avoid the golfist.

A lot of fuss about nothing IMO.

Captain Swing said...

The fantasy shale gas bed in sheep plain can be found in this document.

Captain Swing said...

Or even this one.

Captain Swing said...

and this one ..

Captain Swing said...

or this one.

Captain Swing said...

Anyone using non standard script on their posting will have their post deleted.

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