Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Crowborough Partnership -winner of Joseph Stalin award.


First Award is the Joseph Stalin Award which I will be awarding to the organisation or individual within Crowborough that has contributed most towards the town being the undemocratic ,freedom hating place it is today.

The winner of the Joseph Stalin Award goes to.... wait for it.......

The Crowborough Partnership.
Couldnt be anyone else really because it encompasses all the organisations that hate democracy so much.One of the main members of the Crowborough Partnership is the Town Council that has only 2 elected councillors and uses the unnaccountable undemocratic partnership to push through policies without any democratic accountability.
Crowborough Partnership operates in the shadows and refuses to publish its accounts or the names of its members.
Stalin would be proud of such an undemocratic organisation which makes The Crowborough Partnership such a worthy winner.
A certificate and communist party(Workers Party) membership of North Korea offer will be winging its way to Crowborough Partnership-thats assuming I can actually find an address for them.

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