Thursday, 24 January 2013

Community Centre-update.

Not content with putting the town into debt for 25 years to pay for the new Community Centre the Council are kindly giving them more of our money to cover a shortfall of income.The unelected Council have kindly given Crowborough Community Centre another £30,000 of our money to cover wages.

Hardly a success - just a huge black hole to chuck endless amounts of taxpayers money in.


foxx said...

then again there's a fair amount of use being made of this centre as events such as crowborough players shows, dances, a cafe, martial arts, need i go on so widen your gaze

Captain Swing said...

Fair amount of use is not enough when the town is in debt to the tune of over £3000000.It needs to be in use 100% of the time 7 days a week to even start paying back the taxpayers their money which has been wasted on this project.

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