Thursday, 1 November 2012

Crowborough-Springfield without the sun or humour.

My account with Crowborough people has been disabled although I have not been informed the reason why nor how long the suspension will be for.

I was trying to think who would have taken offence at anything that I may have written recently.

Wealden Police were top of my list until I realised that one of my posts had disappeared prior to my account being disabled.

The post in question compared people in the Town who think they own the place with Simpson characters.

The three people I used were people who I thought looked like a particular Simpson character see for yourself.

Unelected Mayor or principle Skinner

Unelected member of Crowborough Partnership.
or Moe

Another unelected member of Crowborough Partnership.



or Barney


I thought it was just a fun comparison but  some people have an ego the size of a house and the sense of humour of a common purpose graduate .Clearly a sense of humour is not a requisite for unelected unrepresentative "leaders" in the post democratic era.Lighten up and listen up guys-you are not leaders ,the residents are the leaders.Our elected representatives are just that representatives of us the residents.Given that none of you are or have been elected by the residents you are nothing and have no more influence or power than any other resident.If you want to run the town get elected if not stfu and give us all a rest from your socialist ego driven power trip.
Oh and by the way ....

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